Mammoth 3D Printer 6.6″

1. Mono 4K pixel accuracy, to ensure that the printing accuracy of 0.1mm larger print size to meet different needs.

2. Monochrome LCD screens allow for 200% life span than color LCD screens, total efficiency increase by 30%, Single layer curing speed up from 7s to 2s.

3. Exported Parallel Matrix LED light source with high efficiency, low heat generation and stable performance.

4. The material has good versatility and is suitable for a variety of environmentally friendly resins. It is safe and free of odor,

5. The human-machine interface uses a 4.3-inch true color touch screen, which is friendly and easy to operate.

6. One machine is multi-purpose, improving efficiency and reducing cost.

7. This machine has obtained EC, FCC certification and quality assurance.